Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Women Crime Reporters

A new angle that is becoming more and more prevalent is that of the female crime reporter.  I will start with four; the first being Jamie Satterfield.  She works in Knoxville, Tennessee, and one of her biggest cases was the dreadful murders of Chris and Channon.  The assailants were all convicted with one being sentenced to death.  They won a retrial but three were convicted and jailed again but I do not know about Lemarcus Davidson, the ringleader originally sentenced to death.  Jamie has been featured on a number of crime documentaries, and she has always answered any of my enquiries on the case.

    Next comes Glenna Whitley.  She followed the trail of a conwoman for twenty years, before finally she saw her face justice in a court.  She featured in an episode of "Scorned : Crimes of Passion".  The case concerned two married couples, A, B, C, D.  A had a fling with C, so B got it on with D!  Miss Whitley, like Jamie, is a long time crime correspondent.

   Number 3 is Paula Zahn.  She hosts her own TV show, looking into cases and interviewing principal people involved.  If she has doubts over anything, she says so.

    Number 4 is Aphrodite Jones.  She also hosts her own show.  She allows both sides their say but she still gives her opinions, even if they are unpopular. She featured two cases that have intrigued me.  One led to the uncovering a body dump site for the person dubbed "The Long Island Serial Killer".  I will present my views on that case soon.  The other was the disappearance of a girl and one person being firmly in the frame.  Incredibly, this persons` lawyer offered a deal; reduction of charge, six years jail time, the whole story and where the body is.  But authorities knocked it back as they say it would be murder, simple as.  Very well, said the Lawyer, no deal!  And this person is still walking free, and the Police are still trying to find the body of the girl!  Brilliant eh!

    All I can say is, keep watching, because the cases are interesting.