Thursday, 20 February 2014

How Many Times Do You Have To Be Convicted?

Another recent case here in Bradford involved a serial flasher named Smith.  He hailed from Lancashire and what he did was to catch a train to Bradford, taking his bicycle with him.  He spent time cycling around and was in the Barkerend area, when he spotted a very young girl and he exposed himself to her. She immediately raised the alarm and Smith was pursued by a number of neighbours.  They caught him and gave him a beating, then handed him over to Police.  Smith, 56, was given a four year prison sentence.  Then it was revealed that Smith had 108 convictions for sexual offences, meaning flashing.  How do you accumulate that many convictions for this type of offence without a air raid warning siren going off?  It showed that this man had a very serious deviancy that could have escalated to greater heights.  Obviously, we must try to understand.  He cannot help himself.  Try telling that to young girls` parents!