Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ernest Wright - Double Killer

Ernie Wright is one of a small select group of people that have been deemed to die in prison, because they are far too dangerous to ever contemplate releasing. Brady, Sutcliffe, Rose West, Neilsen, Hardy, Roy Jackson, Tony Arkwright, Colin Ireland, David Copeland, Bellfield, and the newest recruit, Mark Bridger.  Ernie Wright committed murders more than thirty years apart, but despite his age, he is now 72, he is extremely dangerous, and proved it so cold-bloodedly, with a sadistic murder and an attempted murder.

    He was an habitual criminal right from an early age, encouraged by his parents, and gradually as he grew older, it was approved schools, borstal and prison, for him.  He was born in Shipley, just outside Bradford, in 1941.  His first murder happened down south in 1971, he murdered a guy in front of his spouse and then set fire to the body.  He wanted her for him self.  He was arrested but escaped from the officers, but was eventually captured and put on trial.  He went away for twenty years.  It was around 2007, that in the outer regions of Bradford, he befriended an elderly woman and manipulated her for his own ends.  But somebody tried to put a stop to him.  The old ladys` son.

    He was gay and lived with his boyfriend(one of my work colleagues lives a number of houses down from the following scene) but one day, a man working fatigues and wearing a balaclava, clutching a shotgun, burst into their home.  He shot the son, severely wounding him, then shot the other man, wounding him.  He escaped into the bathroom and managed, despite appalling injuries, to leap from the window, damaging his legs.  He crawled away to safety, but his partner did not.  The gunmam slowly stalked him as he tried to crawl away, but he shot him twice more, taking his time.  Then he escaped.  When Police and ambulances arrived, he told Police that the gunman was Ernie Wright, and Police launched a manhunt.  Wright had tried to make an alibi for himself but it fell apart and they had him in custody.  Convicted, he was told that despite his age, he was far too dangerous to be ever released.