Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Murder of Lennie Fulberg

The murder of Lennie Fulberg would have been an unsolved death but for the advances in forensic investigation.  He diappeared in 1996, after going to meet a girlfriend at a McDonalds in Bradford.  In 1997, bones were discovered buried on a moorland, but it was not until 2007 that a positive identification was made that the remains were Lennies`.

    Lennie Fulberg worked as a rag & bone man, making his money through collecting scrap metal and old clothes.  What made him stand out was his incessant womanising.  It was said he could walk into a pub totally filthy and dishevelled, but walk out with a woman at his side.  He was a charmer with a real gift for the gab.  So much that he had been married four times and had fathered twelve children, though it has been claimed that it could be as many as thirty two.  He met up with one of his killers, Tracy Cameron, whilst she was still married, and set up home with him in the Bierley area of Bradford.  They had a daughter in 1994, but Lennie disappeared after he found out the Police were looking for him for an alleged assault on a young girl.  Later, he gave himself up, and was jailed for the assault.

    Whilst he was in jail, Tracy Cameron, who was working in a massage parlour, hooked up with a friend of Lennies` called Graham Hylett, a man Lennie helped earn money when he was broke.  Now it was decided that Lennie had to go when he was released.  When Lennie was released, he was staying with his brother in Buttershaw, and went to meet her at McDonalds on Rooley Lane.  That was the last that was seen of him.  After the identification of the bones, Police investigations led them to Cameron & Hylett, and when on trial, were found guilty and sentenced to a minimum of twenty years each.

    What about the players in this story?  I heard stories that despite women dropping at his feet, he was an unpleasant person.  I again say, this is only what I heard.  Hylett had an extremely violent reputation, where he would assault and intimidate anybody.  Women were not immune to violence and threats.  When convicted he was living in Batley, but I was told that he lived at various adresses around the Holmewood estate in Bradford.  Cameron still lived in Bierley, in Dunsford Avenue.  I know the Bierley and Holmewood estates like the back of my hand due to my job.  One day, I was delivering to a street very close to Dunsford, when a woman asked if I had any mail for that particular house.  I replied with"Oh, the murder house?" meaning that is where the murderess lived.  "Hey", she shouted, "She`s my cousin!"  I replied "that makes murder okay then?"  At the end of the day, Fulberg has a lot of heirs running around Bradford and other places, so he still lives on in a lot of people.