Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bronson - A truly Great Briton

Before any of you think I have taken leave of my senses, I am being extremely sarcastic with my post title.  Prof. David Wilson called him "a paranoid narcissist" and "a man who does not want to be normal".  Bouncer turned author Bernard O`Mahoney simply referred to him as "a dickhead!"  So just who is this man that we should be so grateful to be breathing the same air as.  His proper name is Michael Peterson, born in Luton, who moved up to Ellesmere Port in his teens to live with his grandparents.  My home town.  One small correction in his memoir "Insanity", they did not live in Bellington Road, it is Bebbington Road. (Oh how pedantic of me!).  When he grew older was in trouble with Police and the courts, he lived on the Parklands estate, across the road from me.  Contrary to the documentary about him (The Real Bronson), he was never the perpetually snarling troglodyte, it portrayed.  The only time he came to notice was when he went down for armed robbery.

    He was always causing trouble, so much that he seemed that he would never be released.  Strange that his fanatical fan club forget that he WAS released in 1988 & 1992, but got himself locked up again, both times.  Just who`s fault was that?  Since then, when it seems like he has been forgotten about, he does something to attract attention to himself, not to mention more prison time.  He took a teacher hostage and had a rope tied around his neck, with threats to kill him.  Obviously the teacher did not pay him sufficient "Respect" (that grossly overused word) and had to pay.  His fan club have apparently been claiming that this teacher was this, was that, was the other.  All to excuse the actions of their hero.  He appealed against his sentence for that in July 2010, and his fan club turned up to offer their support.  All thirty one of them!  Bernard O`Mahoney put the pictures on his site for us to have a perusal at.

    What about the "adulation" that seems to be there for him?  On his site, somebody from the Port put, "Charlie, you`re a legend in the Port!"  Really?  I never seem to hear these platitudes making their way over to me.  And he was totally unknown about for so many years, how does he suddenly become "a legend?"  And why do we not hear from jail inmates who think Peterson is a thorn in their side?  Is it fear of people turning on them because they will not grovel or toady to this man?  One man has; Paul Ferris.  He called Peterson the biggest headache in the system.  To all the other inmates.  He said that every time Peterson started his antics, everybody else in the jail suffered as a result.  I have not come across anybody mouthing off about the remarks made by Ferris, and it is easy to see why. Ferris was a notorious Glasgow gangster, so nobody will say anything about him, particularly to his face.  Their mouths will be firmly shut.  Another put, "Anything I can do to help?"  Yes, very simple.  Tell your hero to put his head down and do his time like the rest have to.  But when you are dealing with a "Right Man", what can you do?  What is a "Right Man?"  Somebody who says he is right because he says so.  No matter how wrong, he is right.  You get the idea.  On a final note, what kind of man treats all things from the mouth of Ronnie Kray as words from a great mind or philosopher?