Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What Lovely Neighbours

There has been a proliferation of buying houses that are going cheap and converting them into single rooms.  These houses are supposed to be half-way houses or bail hostels, originally for people facing petty charges, but the real truth is far more sinister.  These are not part of a justice system that provides accommodation but are privately owned.  So if you have any of these places near you, then what can you expect?

    A bit of research has shown that many are not registered with local authorities or have trained staff.  So how are people who may be on bail, or have been released from prison, expected to be kept under control?  Answer is, they are not.  How do I know?  Simple!  A member of my family is suffering from this at the moment.  Contrary to what might be stated as to the background of these people, they are housing paedophiles, rapists, thugs, druggies - just the sort of dregs of society you need in your street.  The sort of neighbourly and good hearted people guaranteed to drive down the cost of the houses in your area, as people strive to move away and nobody wants to buy.

    Of course, if you have a couple of tough nuts to go and give these troublemakers a taste of their own medicine, you know how fast they will run crying to the Police.  You will end up in trouble, for trying to protect somebody from the scumbags of this world.  Remember Tony Blair and his phrase "Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime".  What a load of bollocks!