Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Murder of Inspector Barry Taylor

This notorious double murder took place in 1970, in Pudsey, just outside Laisterdyke, in Bradford.  The alarm went off at Sunny Bank Mills, and Inspector Taylor was on patrol when the call was put out.  When he arrived, other Officers were arriving, so he decided that an Engineer who was on site, would accompany him to investigate.  A watchman was also supposed to be on duty.  The other constables were spaced around to cut off any escape should anybody make a break for it.  Suddenly, they were confronted by a man armed with a sawn-off shotgun:  Neil Adamson. Adamson opened fire, killing Inspector Taylor, then he made his escape.  The other Policemen did not attempt to stop him, for obvious reasons.

    Whilst Inspector Taylor was being attended to - the Engineer was unharmed - the others searched the building.  In an office, they made a very grim discovery.  The Night Watchman had been murdered also, shot in the head , twice at close range.  Soon a huge manhunt was in operation and Adamson was arrested in Colne, in Lancashire.  Adamson was given a minimum of thirty years for double murder.  A man, Jack Depledge was given five years for harbouring Adamson immediately after the shootings.  It has been claimed that Depledge simply let Adamson stay at his home, not knowing what had gone on.  Another claim was that Adamson sold Depledge down the river simply to gain a bit of favour with the Police.  It is believed that Adamson has since died.  If so, he will not be missed.

    Adamson had a long history of violence, and had frequents spells in prison for bodily harm.  He even sought help for his violent outbursts but this was never addressed, leaving him ready to truly explode.  He did that night in 1970 when he ruthlessly and cold-bloodedly murdered two men, simply because they got in the way of him robbing a warehouse.

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