Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Why Are Drugs So Wonderful?

This is not a post citing the true wonders of illicit drugs, but the harsh realities that mean absolutely nothing to the pushers and the advocates of legalisation.  Very recently, a grandmother was brutally stabbed to death by her grandson.  What made him commit such a heinous crime?  The answer is drugs.  Not being under the influence of drugs, but facing doing without.  He demanded money so he could crawl to the pusher but this was refused, and despite pleas and angry outbursts, it was still no.  So he grabbed a knife and hacked her to death.

    So all the fucknuts, who think that drugs are not harmful, and should be legalised, HE HACKED HER TO DEATH BECAUSE SHE WOULD NOT HAND HIM MONEY FOR DRUGS!!!   No wonder many people turn their backs on family members who are addicted, they never know if they may face serious violence if they refuse to give money.  Of course the pushers will never give a toss, as long as they get the money, nothing matters.  I wonder what those legalisation wankers, such as Howard Marks, would say to the family of the victim. Marks believes drugs should be made legal with warning slogans on, like cigarette packets.  It does not matter whether it is a street pusher or a government approved pusher, you need money to buy.  As this person could not force his grandmother to hand it over, he killed her.  It would have made no difference who the pusher was, he could not get money.  As far as I am concerned, the sixties has much to answer for.

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