Friday, 24 May 2013

The Arif Family

The Arif Family are one of the powerfulest crime families in London, and have had a strong grip on the Underworld since the seventies.  The family are Turkish Cypriots, and set up home in Stockwell, South London.  The family, Dogan,Dennis, Bekir,Mehmet, Osar & Michael.  This firm have been involved in crimes that stretch across the board, from armed robberies to drug smuggling.  One of the family, Dogan, owns a non-league football club, Fisher United.

    Not all their jobs went according to plan.  One attempted armed robbery resulted in the gang being ambushed by the Flying Squad.  Dennis Arif surrendered but Mehmet Arif was shot and wounded in the shoulder.  Kenny Baker decided to fight it out and was subsequently shot dead.  Crimes that they have been accused of include the murder of a security guard during a blag in the late seventies.Osar Arif was found Not Guilty of murder.  Dogan was acquitted over an attempt to extract many millions from the ruler of Iran, the Ayatollah.  The Arifs were involved in a number of gangland shootings involving The Brindles and the Dalys`.   What their standing in the Underworld is today, is open to debate.