Monday, 27 May 2013

Robert Napper - Serial Killer

Robert Napper is the man responsible for the horrific murder of Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common in 1992.  He was also convicted for the brutal and nauseating murder of Samantha Bissett and her four year old daughter.  He also admitted a couple of rapes and attempted rapes.  But this is only the tip of the iceberg where Napper is concerned.  He is believed to have committed seventy plus rapes around a section of South East london, between 1990 and 1994.  He is also in the frame for three unsolved and frenzied murders; Penny Bell, Claire Tiltman and Jean Bradley.  Claire was attacked by a railway station and Mrs Bradley was stabbed THIRTY times in her car, near Acton Train Station.  Yes, very reminiscent of the murder of Mrs Bell.  When you add it all up, Penny stabbed fifty times, Jean - thirty times, Rachel - dozens, Sam Bissett - in the home with nobody to disturb him -grotesquely disembowelled, very much in the way the Ripper slaughtered Mary Kelly.  Would something say that this is obviously the work of the same man or is just unlucky that there are killers running about at the same time and in the same section of London, that all commit frenzied knife attacks?

    Robert Clive Napper was born in 1966, to a violent father.  At thirteen years of age, he was sexually assaulted on a holiday, resulting in the asailant being jailed.  He then went into a personality change, becoming violent and aggressive towards his sister and brothers.  He also became a peeping tom towards his sister.  Many years later, he confessed to his mother that he had raped a woman.  She contacted the Police whom could not find any reports of a rape where he siad he committed it.  Did they come out and interview as a precaution?  No, they dismissed it.  When more rapes occured, a mass DNA screening of all males above a certain age, took place.  Twice, Napper did not show up to give a sample, but this was not pursued!  In hindsight, you can say that if they had done their job properly, Rachel Nickell, Samantha Bissett and her daughter, would not have been murdered.  Plus, Colin Stagg would not have had an undercover Policewoman hinting at sex if he admits he`s a killer.  Forensics placed him at the Bissett murder scene, and he was convicted at the Old Bailey.  Years later, he was convicted for the murder of Rachel, despite a knife was found on the Common with his fingerprints on it!

    So Napper is in the frame for dozens of violent rapes, has committed three murders and is suspected of three more.  At least the bastard is going to die banged up for the rest of his life.