Tuesday, 7 May 2013

David Holmes - Criminal Profiler

David Holmes is one of the new breed of true life crime expert, in which he stands alongside Prof. David Wilson & Laura Richards as a breath of fresh air in examining the actions of criminals and killers.  He pulls no punches in his evaluations on cases.  The case of Michael Ross, convicted years later for the motiveless murder of an Asian man.  When he received a guilty verdict, Ross, an army man, tried to escape from the court.  A car was discovered parked near the court, packed with survival gear, and most seriously, hand grenades and a machine gun.  Holmes pulled no punches in his summarisation, citing the planning, the car with survival gear and weaponry, the attempt to escape from court.  The weaponry was obviously to go out in a hail of bullets.  All the hallmarks of an innocent man.  I would add two points; every photo of him, even as a cadet, show total arrogance in his face.  And as for having black men in his platoon and getting on with them, it seems that the question as to how many were Asian, did not arise. 

    With the case of double murderer, Neil Entwistle, a man who fled back to England after the murder of his wife and daughter, he again, spoke bluntly.  Entwistle made his way to his parents home in Worksop.  Despite the death of his family, he had no intention of going back to the States, and even managed to disappear despite a Police watch on the house. He was captured but fought extradition, but eventually was taken back.  Again, all the hallmarks of an innocent man.  During the trial, Entwistle covered the lower half of his face as it looked very clearly as if he was laughing.  Claims were made that he was shocked or horrified, but Holmes did not flinch; Entwistle was laughing.  He was convicted.

    In other cases, he has not sunk to psychobabble to explain a persons` actions or motives, he puts in straight plain English.  When somebody sets out to do something heinous, that is what they have done. Not because of social conditions, unemployment, or "marginalisation".  Not a man that professional apologists will like.

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