Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Yves Lavigne - The Reporter People Hate

Yves Lavigne is a Canadian crime reporter and author that is very despised by the biker world, due to his no-bullshit approach to investigating bike gangs, and his extreme views on the drug world and the people involved.  He has written books called Hell`s Angels - Taking Care of Business(Also known as Three Can Keep a Secret if Two Are Dead), Hell`s Angels - Into The Abyss( about informant Tony Tait), Hell`s Angels At War, and Death Dealers(Also known as Good Cop, Bad Cop) about the worldwide drug trade.  The biker books not only deal with the Hell`s Angels but the others of the "Big Four" - The Angels, Outlaws, Bandidos & Pagans.  He also writes about other "Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs" - OMGs, that are independent of the Big Four or have been absorbed by them or quite simply, eliminated.

    This approach has, of course, made him very unpopular with the outlaw biker world, who accuse him frequently of misinformation, lying, inventing stories, etc, etc.  You do get a clearer picture of the OMGs and how they, since the seventies, have become a major part of organised crime.  Yet, he says that they are NOT a criminal organisation, but an organisation of criminals, with many members enjoying the lifestyle, camarderie and brotherhood as bike riders, not being involved in crime.

    His book "Death Dealers" pulls absolutely no punches in his investigation into the drug world, saying where the drugs are grown, cultivated, smuggled, and the effects these concoctions have on your body and brain.  And to think that people enjoy a "buzz" that lines the pockets of parasitic pushers who are too fucking lazy to go and earn a living like the rest of us have to.  He also believes that when successive US Presidents declare a war on drugs, they should have backed that up by using troops to hunt down drug labs and destroy them, troops to confront the pushers and if necessary, shoot the fuckers where they stand.

    Of course this would upset the professional apologists, whingers and fucknuts who think drugs are so wonderful.  At least Lavigne never shirks from telling it the way it is, regardless of who gets upset, such as the people just mentioned.  Long may he go on.