Friday, 3 May 2013

The Angola Affair

This post is a tad different from the rest, but it did result in a show trial and the execution of four men.  A conflict had raged between Marxist backed MPLA forces and the FNLA forces of Holden Roberto.  The FNLA had three British mercenaries fighting for them, Costas Georgiou, Nick Hall, and I believe, Mick Wainhouse.  They scored a spectacularly lucky victory over enemy forces, which so impressed Roberto, he asked for more British mercenaries to be recruited. 

    This is actually what happened.  NICK HALL returned to Britain and asked JOHN BANKS to do the recruiting.  Amongst the first to sign up were Dave Tomkins, Chris Dempster, Jamie McCandless, Colin Evans and I believe, Sammy Copeland.  The first group of mercenaries went out, but found that the line given by Hall, was false and no matter what they were recruited for, they were there to fight.  Confusion and fear amongst some new arrivals resulted in them mistakenly opening fire against Georgiou and others. In anger, Georgiou had everybody who refused to fight, lined up.  They were given the chance to run, and were then cut down by machine gun fire from Sammy Copeland.  Many mercenaries died, others escaped the MPLA army, and numerous were captured. 

    A show trial was put on, but to ensure "fairness" observers were invited to attend from around the world.  All of these observers were known Marxists!  Costas Georgiou accepted the blame for everything, including the firing squad.  Around a dozen were jailed, but four were sentenced to death.  Georgiou, Andy Mackenzie, John Barker & American Danny Gearheart - They had to sentence the USA to death.  They were shot by firing squad.  Dave Tomkins & Chris Dempster escaped back to England and wrote a book about their experiences entitled "Firepower".  Any claims that Georgiou did recruiting in this country before going out to Angola is a huge pack of lies.  He went out there, with Hall & Wainhouse, as soldiers of fortune, willing to fight.