Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sandy Alexander -Biker Leader

Sandy Frazier Alexander in the seventies and early eighties, was a powerhouse biker within the Hell`s Angels that rivalled the most famous biker of them all; Sonny Barger.  They were the powerbase for both coasts of the United States.  Alexander on the East coast in New York and Barger on the West coast in California.  Alexander was a Cuban who joined the Aliens MCC in New York in 1967.  The Aliens worked as muscle or associates for the Five Families, but Alexander decided that the Aliens, who had NY chapters in Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island & Queens, were not true outlaw bikers, so with the backing of a good number of Aliens members, Alexander formed a Nomad chapter, and applied for a charter for the Angels.

    In 1969, the Nomad Aliens are ratified as the Angels Manhattan chapter, and as the new chapter adapts to doing business the HA way, his power within the club expands.  Having served in the military, as many of the older members of the HA have, Alexander demands and imposes strict guidelines as to doing business and not leaving the club open to possible charges from authorities.  New proposed members, known in the biker world as "Prospects", must prove their total loyalty to the club by carrying out a murder.  This must also be proven beyond any doubt, and for security purposes, eliminates any cops trying to infiltrate them.

     Alexander was involved in the incident that led to the war with the Outlaws MCC.  He had a very personal score to settle with a biker named Rogers, who had become a national enforcer for the Outlaws.  Rogers had allegedly sexually assaulted Alexanders` wife back in the late 60`s and was a wanted man. He was caught in New York, held for Alexander, who offered him a straightener)(one to one fight) and hammered him.  Rogers claimed to Outlaws he had been gang beaten.  This led to a triple murder of Angels and started a war that ran for decades.  Alexander lost his powerhold when he was jailed in the mid-80`s and it is discovered that he has been feathering his nest.  He fades from the scene.