Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Arthur Hutchinson - Triple Murderer

A man who is the list of killers who will never be released is triple killer Arthur Hutchinson.  He gained notoriety in October 1983, when he murdered a middle-aged couple and their son, then raped one of their daughters at knifepoint.  They had just had a wedding reception for their other daughter, when Hutchinson struck in Dore, South Yorkshire.  When Police were alerted, a description from the rape victim, plus prints left on a glass, left in no doubt that the assailant was Hutchinson.  They were hunting him for a rape, and now they knew he was extremely dangerous.  It was thought that Hutchinson was originally going to commit a robbery.

    Hutchinson moved from town to town, around Yorkshire and the east coast.  Finally, they ran him to ground in Hartlepool, his birthplace.  Put on trial in 1984, he was convicted and sentenced to a minimum of eighteen years.  However, the Home Secretary deemed him so dangerous that life was to mean life.  But in 2008 he appealed against this ruling.  Thankfully, reason prevailed and his appeal was rejected.  His solicitors said it breached his human rights.  As usual with apologists like these, they conveniently forgotten how Hutchinson breached the civil and human rights of the three people he slaughtered, they forgotten about the civil and human rights of the two women he violently raped!  And if that was not bad enough, he then issued death threats from prison to all the people who helped the Police capture him, obviously thinking that a parole board is going to ignore his barbaric crimes, and the threats to kill as soon as he is out!  Then again, how many people have been released despite serious warnings about them, and have gone on to commit horrendous crimes?  His death inside prison will only be mourned by the whingers and apologists.