Thursday, 2 May 2013

Lois Nadean Smith - Evil Bitch

Lois Nadean Smith is one of three women executed for murder in Oklahoma since the Death Penalty was reintroduced in 1976, and quite frankly, she was a twisted, psychotic bitch who thoroughly deserved her fate.  What did she do and why?  She was a massively over-protective mother that thought that no matter what her precious son did, he could do no harm or wrong.  He pushed drugs, which was fine as far as she was concerned, because it was her son.  She also had a notorious reputation as a woman you avoided, and having a very short fuse.  In short, she could pick a fight with a lamp-post.

    The horrifying events that led her to the Death Chamber, was that her son Gregg, had been ditched by his girlfriend, Cindy Baillee.  Gregg soon found another girl but rumours started that Cindy was prepared to give him up to the local drugs squad.  Smith exploded when she heard this.  How dare she do this to HER son!  She had Gregg and his girlfriend, Theresa Baker, take her to where Cindy lived and persuaded her to go out with them.  Once in the car, Cindy was repeatedly threatened with murder, then Gregg handed his mother a knife which she used to cut her under the chin.

    They drove their victim to the home of Smiths` ex-husband, and forced him at gunpoint to hide.  They then taunted Cindy with being shot, then fired a number of shots close to her.  She then had Gregg reload the gun and then she cold-bloodedly murdered her.  Shots brought the cops but the ex-husband was sent to the door to get the cops to go away.  They then tried to stage the scene as a suicide.  Theresa Baker was trying to clean up the blood.  Whilst she was doing this, Smith said that if she talked, she would receive the same.  They then left, but neighbours were unhappy with events and brought the cops back.  They walked into a scene of horror.  Three people were seen leaving the house.  Police quickly arrested Theresa Baker who caved in immediately and cut a deal.  In return for testifying against the Smiths, she was given immunity.  They were both convicted.  Gregg Smith received life without parole, and his mother received the Death Penalty.  The murder occured in 1982, and she was executed in 2001.