Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Hunt For Fame & Celebrity

The pursuit for fame & celebrity continues unabated within the criminal fraternity.   It comes in different shapes and form, as reality shows can give them the platform they crave.  My belief is that Donal Mcintyre scored a huge own goal by giving such a platform to the Noonan Family.  I see it as nothing more than them announcing that they are not dead and buried, but still a force to be reckoned with.  You instantly wonder how many other criminals may have approached Mcintyre to feature them.

    One man who thinks he is a celebrity, simply because he has gotten to know major villains, did not like it when I told him that many book publishers were not interested in him, and one company said that he does not fit into any category of celebrity.  The bottom line being "Who are you?"  With that, he went berserk, screaming at me about how well he is known.  Publishers do not care how people see themselves, each book deal they offer is a straight forward business proposition.  It is a simple yes or no.

    Yet there is the talk of highly successful villains that are not publicly known.  One such man lives in Liverpool, and if stories about him are true, then he is one of the most successful British villains of all time.  But as he has never faced charges or been convicted, he cannot be named or his picture fully shown.  He is not a limelight hogger like the Krays.  He is said to be a most precise planner, who does not take chances.  You see the results when supposed "super villains" are jailed, just like you know who.  Maybe we will see a brutal sitcom starring the Adams` or the Arifs, just to show they are still the cream of the crop.