Saturday, 1 June 2013

Robert Black - Who Else Did He Murder?

In the annals of child murder, the name of Robert Black is one of the most reviled.  Convicted of four sickening child abductions and murders, it has been wondered by Prof. David Wilson, a criminology tutor at Birmingham University, and author of fifteen or more books on serial killers, crime and aspects of criminology, how many more unsolved murders have been committed by convicted serial killers.  He has made studies of Peter Tobin, Stephen Wright, Stephen Griffiths, Robert Black, Hardy(Camden Ripper) and others.  My focus is on Robert Black and the conclusions brought by Prof. Wilson.

    The first case he looked at was the disappearance of a young girl, April Fabb in 1969.  She lived in Norfolk but vanished whilst riding her bicycle - circumstances eerily the same as a notorious abduction in 1978, of a young girl, Genette Tate, in Devon.  Aprils` bicucle was found on the side of a road, and of her there was no sign.  She has never been found.  Years later, they did look at Black, but could not find any proof that he was in Norfolk at that time.  Also, it was thought that another point ruled out Black, and that he did not obtain a driving licence until 1976.  Since when did that stop anybody driving?  Black was travelling all over the UK as a courier, so has it been established that Black did NOT do cash in hand work for delivery firms before he had to obtain a licence?  One of Prof. Wilson`s pupils is a Policeman, and he said that he does not consider Black a suspect because it has not been proven that Black was in that part of the country at the time.  Typical British Police tunnel vision.  As I have pointed out, just how much courier work did Black do before he received his driving licence?  When they can prove that he was never in the area, then he is not a suspect.

    Now we look at the disappearance of Genette Tate in 1978, not far from Exeter.  She was riding her bicycle down a country lane, when she suddenly vanished.  Her bike was found with one wheel still slowly rolling, indicating she had just been snatched.  Poor Genette has never been found.  Black WAS in the vicinity of the abduction at the time - he had been making deliveries in Exeter.  Black is considered THE prime suspect but refuses to admit to other abductions and murders.  These girls have long vanished and you have to accept that they are deceased.  Both scenarios are exact. But the most sickening saga about Genette was in one of the Sunday papers that printed the conclusions of a "Psychic" and printed things that would have been devastating to her family.  Being a Sunday rag, articles usually centred around sex, so it was not difficult to realise what they printed.  The "Psychic" said that the spirit of Genette was saying to her "It hurts!"  This implies very loudly; rape!  Does a family of an abducted child need to see that and the mental images it conjures up?  Why did a newspaper listen to the complete and utter shit and bollocks these con artists spout?  Obviously the feelings of the family were outweighed by bringing sex into the equation when that is the very last thing they would want to read.

    The question is, just when did Black start his sick regime of paedophilia and how many other victims are there that are not known about?  How many crimes have not been connected to Black because some circumstances do not fit his Modus Operandi?  When you forget about the profiling in "Criminal Minds" where the perpetrators perfectly fit their profiles.  Ramirez certainly did not.  Nor did the Washington snipers, BTK or the Green River Killer.  With April & Genette, Black fits the pattern because he drove vans.  Far easier to throw a young girl into a van rather than struggle to get them inside a car.  Simple logic.