Sunday, 16 June 2013

Regina Hartwell -Live Fast Die Young

there is an obsession with living these days, and that is the "live fast, die young" syndrome, in which young people want to live a twenty four "party" lifestyle.  Unfortunately, most people cannot do this, as they have families to provide for, keep a roof over their heads, and save themselves from financial ruin.  But there are people who will latch onto somebody who has a well stocked wallet or purse, and inevitably, that object will run dry, and that is when the trouble begins.

    One such person was Regina Hartwell, who tragically lost her mother when she was in her schoolgirl.  Her father remarried but decided to move away and leave Regina when she was sixteen.  When she turned eighteen, she received part of the insurance payout, from her mother`s death.  She received $400,000.  Regina had discovered she was a lesbian and had hit the gay bars and clubs in Austin, Texas.  She always made sure everybody noticed her and became known for buying people drinks, and thinking she was making friends.  In reality, she was attempting to buy friends.  She was too busy "partying" to actually make friends with people.  Naturally, she was into drugs; cocaine, lsd, ecstasy.  In a club, she seen a young eighteen year old girl named Kim, and instantly fell in love.  Soon, they were a couple and Regina lavished money, gifts and drugs on Kim.  Whatever she wanted, Regina paid for.  Even a trip to New York.  But soon, Kim admitted that she was not a lesbian.  Desperate to keep her, Regina paid for an apartment and bought her a car.

    Kim then met a man, Justin Thomas, who had claimed to be a hitman for a Mexican drug cartel, and she introduced him to Regina, who on the outside was very friendly towards him, but was angry and hurt inside.  Kim would start making out with Justin in front of Regina, whom simply had to tolerate it.  Kim was now sharing two beds.  But Justin had introduced Kim to Crystal Meth and soon she was hooked very heavily.  Regina, one night made a tearful phonecall to Kim, and after an arguement, Justin took the phone and Regina, allegedly threatened to report him and his drugs to the Police.  He made his way over to Regina`s apartment, gained entry, and Regina was asleep on the sofa.  She awoke to see Justin kneeling in front of her, and he produced a knife and stabbed her.  But Regina fought him, and it took some time before he was able to silence ger forever.

    He dragged her body into the shower, and washed the blood draining from her down the drain. He wrapped her in a blanket or similiar, and carried to her car.  He drove out to a remote location, poured gasoline all over the car and set it ablaze.  When he told Kim what he had done, she did not care.  However, friends of Regina reported her missing, the burnt out car with her body inside was found, and Police quickly went to Kim`s door.  She was totally wasted, as was Justin.  She turned against him and both were convicted, Justin for the murder of Regina.  All Regina wanted was to be loved, but you cannot do this by buying love(as the Beatles sang), and you cannot drink,drug and screw 24/7.  Sooner or later, you have to slow down.

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