Monday, 3 June 2013

Evil Bastards!

When you hear of people being sent to Death Row in the United States, you wonder about what crimes they have committed to receive such a sentence.  But there most certainly are people on Death Row that deserve to be there, and deserve to die.  Three such people are Michael Jackson, Alan Wade and Tiffany Cole.  The kidnapping, mental torture and hideous murder of two elderly people, solely for money, beggars belief.  One of the gang turned State`s Evidence, Bruce Nixon, and his plea deal avoided a Death Sentence for him, though he did not get off lightly.  He received forty five years.

    The victims were Reggie and Carol Sumner, who were originally childhood sweethearts who met up again, much later in life and married.  Carol Alford was horrifically shot numerous times by her ex-husband, with a number of head shots.  He then later committed suicide.  Against the odds, she survived, but needed many years of help to get her to walk and co-ordinate her movements.  She was aided through all this by her daughter, Rhonda, who witnessed the attack on her mother by her father.  Years later, Carol received a phone call from a man named Reg, who turned out to be her old flame.  They picked up where they had left off and eventually married.  During Carols` hospitalisation, she received a blood transfusion with blood that was contaminated.  Years after, it turned into Hepatitus C, but she did not let this affect her life.  Reg had diabetes, yet they lived a very happy life until Cole and company arrived on the scene.  She knew them from old and decided that they would be a good target for money.  Her boyfriend was Jackson.  They brought in Wade and Nixon to help them abduct them.  They dug a grave first, supposedly to "scare them" into giving their bank details.  But these bastards did not stop at "scaring them", they buried them alive.

    But using their credit cards put the Police on their trail and they were arrested.  Nixon cracked under pressure and made a full statement and took them to the burial site.  Jackson received a phone call in prison from his grandmother who told him that the newspapers were full of the story.  She sounded more concerned for him than what he had put the victims through.  All were convicted and sent to Death Row, minus Nixon who received a very long sentence.  Rhonda Alford has forgiven her mothers` killers, which very nearly most people would not, but as in the Ridgeway case, the father of one of the victims did forgive him in court.

    What I do not agree with is the excuses put forward for the monstrous behaviour.  Alleged abuse and neglect at home, etc, etc. They make a conscious decision to do whatever they do.  I do not accept that childhood events make you do anything.  You can make a moral decision, you can say that you will not do anything heinous.  It is your decision.  They are where they deserve to be.