Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Murder of Clive Olive

Another sensational trial from the early seventies that I remember reading about, was the murder of sixteen years old Clive Olive, reportedly a Hells Angel.  Again we look at the time, that any dirty or vicious looking biker was an Angel.  The media never knew the difference.  He was reported missing, and after two months, his body was found in Shoreham Harbour, trussed up and weighted down.  Exposed flesh had been stripped from his body by crabs and other sea creatures.  Police arrested two men and a woman, and they soon found themselves on trial for murder.

    The trio were bikers, again said to have been Hells Angels, Brian Moore, his brother-in-law Albert Dorn, and Christine Dorn.  Moore believed Olive had raped his girlfriend and so revenge was sworn.  Olive was lured in to the back of a van, where he was volently beaten, tied up and driven to Shoreham Harbour, where they threw him in to the water, whilst still alive.  He was not found for two months.  The men were convicted of murder and received life sentences, the woman, ten years for manslaughter, in December 1973.  They were said to have been members of the Mad Dogs MC, based in Sussex, a mob I have not heard of but then again, this was way back in the early seventies.