Monday, 24 June 2013

Money Laundering

Money laundering is one of the biggest industries in the world today.  This is solely due to the worldwide obsession with drugs.  It has created so much money and created so many multi-millionaires that the mind just boggles at the sheer monies generated.  But these new millionaires have to get the money legalised to avoid the confiscation orders that Police and tax people can serve on them.  After all, criminals regard prison as an occupational hazard but to lose their ill-gotten gains fills them with dread.  If they have nothinh, then others regard them as nothing.

    Despite the astronomical amounts of monies being transferred between countries, you would think that the governments of these countries would work to put a stop to these activities, but no, that will never happen.  For a long time, Switzerland was the favourite destination for fortunes to be hidden, due to it`s strict privacy laws on money.   Now it is only one of many.  Luxembourg, Lichenstein, Panama, Monaco, Antigua, numerous islands in the Carribean, Hong Kong, the Channel Isles, Isle of Man.   Just a small group of the many places you can set up bank accounts, or fake company accounts, or even shell companies.  These companies only exist in cyberspace.  One building on Antigua is home to more than 50,000 shell companies!  But because of it`s money laws, there is no way authorities can get into accounts, to follow the trail.

    You see that very nearly all criminals employ crooked bankers, accountants, lawyers, businessmen.  People who truly understand business, money, and how to hide it successfully and have it appear as legitimate income.  Money is transferred between accounts in different jurisdictions to create a near impossible trail for cops to follow.  When people talk about the Krays being "Supervillains" it is always conveniently forgotten that they employed crooked businessmen such as Leslie Payne & Freddie Gore, to carry out long firm frauds.  They did not have the slightest clue.  That is how intelligent they were.  That also applies to most criminals.   There are those who try laundering their cash through casinos, but the casino has to be in on it, to ensure you get good returns.  You could be the unluckiest gambler in the world!   Others try to put it through businesses.  It can be awkward trying to explain how a business suddenly gets trade and turnover a thousand fold.

    The Muslims have their own banking system known as "Hawala" and is based on trust, not bank accounts, paperwork and computers.  Many of these "Bankers" are just small businessmen or shopkeepers, but it is highly effective.  It has been claimed that white villains are using this system now, as cops are getting much more sophisticated in tracking money.  Read books like "The Laundryman", "The Merger" and "The Sink" by Jeffrey Robinson for better understanding of this.