Friday, 21 June 2013

Professor David Wilson - Criminologist

Prof. David Wilson is the face of Criminology in the UK, and the author of numerous books on serial killers.  He also looks into whether certain killers have committed more murders than they have been charged or convicted of.  He has studied the case histories of numerous killers in Britain, and discussed them in the documentary series "Murder Casebook" with Fred Dineage.  He has also presented two series entitled "Killers Behind Bars", examining the cases of Peter Tobin, Robert Black, Steve Wright, Robert Hardy, Stephen Griffiths & Levi Bellfield.  Naturally, the Police do not welcome the observations of Prof. Wilson, but it seems that he makes more linking of murders than the Police.  He can also make uncomfortable assumptions.  Levi Bellfield is a case in question.

    Bellfield is a violent and sadistic killer of young girls, and in his investigation into Bellfield, he asked his students at Birmingham University to seek out any cases that had the hallmarks of Bellfields` offending.  One brought up the notorious case of the Russell killings, in which a mother and young daughter were battered to death and another young daughter was extremely lucky to survive the attack.  Michael Stone has been through two trials and convicted both times.  Prof. Wilson said that the girl who survived said the attackers` car was red.  Bellfield owned a red car.  What is strange is that in a documentary on the case, the car was white.  Did Stone have a white car?  Was it changing of the facts to fit Stone?  She also said that the attacker spent time with them.  Hardly the actions of a man having a psychotic episode, as Stone obviously was.  Stone fitted the description of the attacker, but so did Bellfield.  The girl said that the attacker had spiky hair.  Bellfield had more spiky hair than Stone.  Stone was convicted on the "Cor blimey guv, he told me he did it!" scenario but what is always not spoken about was the retraction of a statement by another prison inmate, in which Stone allegedly said things that left it in no doubt he was the culprit.  We never hear about WHY this man retracted his statement.

    The Police have dismissed the allegation that Steve Wright may have committed a murder in Norwich before his killing spree in Ipswich.  Prof. Wilson also believes that Peter Tobin is none other than the notorious killer "Bible John" whom had murdered three women in Glasgow in the late sixties. He also puts him in the frame for the 1980 murder of Jessie Earl in Brighton.  Remember, Tobin boasted to a prison psychiatrist that he had committed 48 murders, and his appearances over the years and his manipulative skills, that made you think "This man cannot be a killer!" makes it a possibility.

    Reading an on-line list of unsolved UK murders, and using Prof. Wilsons`reasoning, one stood out to me as possibly being committed by John Taylor, the abductor and killer of Leanne Tiernan.  I will do a post on the Leanne Tiernan case.