Monday, 17 June 2013

The Murders of Channon & Chris - Latest

An horrific double murder that happened in Knoxville, Tennessee, saw four defendants receive extremely long prison sentences, and the leader of the four, received the Death Penalty.  As always, these kind of sentences invoke appeals and they successfully appealed and received new trials.  The abduction and rape and murder of Chris Newson & Channon Christianson provoked outrage throughout the state, saw racist groups try and use the case for their own purposes, and the truly unbelievable defence put forward by defence lawyers that saw the father of Channon, very nearly explode in the court with rage.

    In the first retrial last November, the sole woman of the quartet, Vanessa Coleman, was found guilty again, but her sentence was less than her original.  Thirty seven years, down from fifty three.  Information from Tennessee crime reporter Jamie Satterfield stated that defendant number two, George Thomas had his retrial.  Originally his sentence was life without parole, but now he received life, plus life, plus twenty five years.  Now it is left for Lemaricus Davidson & Latalvas Cobbins to face their trials, and if there is justice, they will receive their original sentences. 

    Chris and Channon have not been forgotten, as Knoxville hosts a memorial motorcycle run in their name, every year.