Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dennis Allen - Psycho Killer

Dennis Allen has the reputation of being one of the worst and most savage murderers in Australian history.  Allen was the eldest son, born in 1951, to Melbourne crime matriarch Kath Pettingill.  Her family consisted of different names, Pettingill, Allen, Pierce and Ryan.
Dennis Allen had his first major conviction in the seventies, when he received ten years for rape.  But this was the least of his accomplishments, which is not to play down the act of rape.  He committed, it is thought, more than a dozen murders, was a major drug smuggler, involved in numerous criminal rackets, and to top it off, was allegedly a Police informer.  His involvement with a notorious detective, was probably a two-way deal, in which they helped each other out.

    Allens` most savage killing was of a biker.  It was claimed that the body would not fit into a drum or box because of rigor mortis, so Allen solved the problem by cutting the legs off with a chainsaw.  He was charged with drug offences along with Roger Rogerson, the notorious Melbourne cop.  Rogerson was convicted but had the verdict overturned on appeal.  Allen died in prison in 1987 with heart problems brought on by heavy drug use.  The other notorious killer in the Australian Underworld was Chris Flannery, known as "Rent a kill" who was murdered in a huge and long running gangland war, but there are different versions and theories as to how and why he was killed.

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