Saturday, 29 June 2013

Ian Brady - Is He Still Manipulating?

The recent court case of Brady highlights what I believe is his manipulative nature.  He wants to go to a prison so he can die.  So he can get away from force feeding.  But to the public, is this simply his way of exerting control over all of his situations?  He likened himself to a "Superman", as defined by Nietzshe, and that he was of superior intelligence.  However, as with all meglomaniacs, they are always doomed to failure.  The murder of Edward Evans brought him and Hindley down, and my belief is that she was as twisted as him, and indeed, even worse.  His reading of literature by philosophers, who spout all these psychobabble theories( You have to stand on the edge of the abyss to see hell before you pull back -you get the drift) but he needed somebody who would assist him in his "experiments" to commit "The perfect murder" and show that he was a true superman.  Could he have acted alone?  I do not believe that for one second. 

    Now he has said that he committed four more murders, and that Keith Bennett is not buried on Saddleworth Moor but in Yorkshire.  If he did commit more murders, she had to have helped him, and that would totally demolish the claims of her supporters who said that she was a changed woman.  If Keith is buried elsewhere, then it shows that Brady is still in control and I believe he has strung along the Police and the family to prolong his bargaining position.  If Keith is found, he loses power. Is he mentally ill?  Load of bollocks in my view.  Ok, I am not a shrink, but sometimes logic can come into it.

    Then there was the so-called "Crossbow Cannibal" Stephen Griffiths, who said that he hid the body parts in a place "where a robot or computer would hide it".  Was this a reference to a basement or cellar?  Computers store information in archives, and where are archives kept? In the computer "basement".  Where do people store or put things?  In a basement.  Worth thinking about.