Friday, 21 June 2013

Donald Urquhurt - Victim of An Assassin

The murder of businessman Donald Urquhurt sparked off a huge manhunt for a professional killer, in January 1993.  Straight away, speculation was that his murder had to have been a result of his business dealings, and so, many associates were investigated but none have been charged with murder.  Fifty five years old Mr Urquhurt had left a building in Marylebone Street in London, with his girlfriend, when a motorcycle drew up to him, and the rider produced a gun and then shot him dead, before speeding away.  This was a new approach to committing a contract murder, which had been supposedly devised in Colombia, and had been exported around the world. 

    Events changed when a former builder, Graeme West, was charged with his murder, tried and convicted.  He went from the building trade to being a doorman, which led to the world of debt collecting, and from that, he accepted a murder contract.  What brought him down, was the usual trait criminals possess, and that is talking too much.  Was he trying to make himself feared through what he had done, or was it boasting?  Whatever it was, he told a friend, who then told the Police.  Cue the cries of "The grassing bastard!"  He accepted money to kill a man whom had done absolutely nothing to him.  Does that make him a hero or a star?  Does it fuck!  You commit the crime, you do the time.  Simple as.  Would you look the other way if somebody boasted that they had murdered somebody?  Only those who obviously want everybody to see that they do not stand for what is right.  I believe these retards would allow members of their own families be viciously hurt or murdered, just to be seen to be "staunch".  Murder is murder and it IS a crime.