Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Murder of Girly Chew and the Alien Conspiracy

This case from the late 90`s is the perfect example of people taking conspiracy theories and out and out bullshit as truth.  This happened in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where extreme views were the norm and nobody considered you as a nut.  Girly Chew, a young woman born in 1963 in Malaysia, was visiting the States when she met a young physician named Diazien Hossencofft, quickly fell in love and married him.  She worked at a local bank, making a name for herself as a very reliable employee.  Diazien continued his work on the cutting edge of cancer treatment, believing he had developed an alternative treatment for sufferers.  They were happy for six years, but she left him due to domestic violence.  What brought this on?  She went into his study, which he always forbade her to do, and looked at his papers.

    Dazien Hossencofft was born in Houston, Texas, in 1965, but now his life was about to unravel.  His name was actually Armand Chavez, and he was not a physician, as he was expelled from medical school for falsifying his works.  He was a conman taking many thousands from cancer sufferers with what they thought was revolutionary treatments but were in fact anti-ageing injections.  He met a woman, Linda Henning, a former model and fashion designer, born in Hollywood in 1953 and they became engaged, despite the fact that he had other women on the go.  She fell in with his views on conspiracies, and even believed his claims that he was in fact an alien!!!

    Girly Chew did not show up for work, concerning her colleagues.  Police checked her apartment and discovered blood, using luminol, a spray that detects blood.  Enquiries led them to Henning, who was supoenaed to appear before a Grand Jury, where she denied knowing her.  This was disproved by Police and she faced perjury charges.  Hossencofft claimed she had simply left.  But a bloody tarpaulin was found on a highway with Girly`s blood on it.  More evidence linked her to Henning.  Both Henning and Hossencofft were charged with murder.  To avoid the Death Penalty, he pled guilty and received life plus 61 years in January 2002.  Later in the year, Henning faced a number of charges with the Death Penalty being sought.  In court, Hossencofft claimed that he planted all the evidence in order to frame her, and he did not care if they executed her!  She was convicted and sentenced to 73 years.  In 2010, on appeal, her perjury conviction was overturned but her others stood.

    It is amazing what people want to believe, and let`s face it, the States is the place for cuckoo beliefs.  Henning even claimed that she ate Girly`s body, so there was no evidence.  Her body has never been found, and only two people know the truth but we will never know.