Saturday, 29 June 2013

Robert Berdella - Sick Sadist

This sick, twisted psychotic sadist was known as the "Butcher of Kansas City" who committed six known murders but was probably responsible for many more.  He kidnapped men, then trussed them up, drugged them then tortured them over time.  He then killed them and dismembered their bodies.  Berdellas` disposal of the body parts was not a carefully planned exercise, putting them in all different areas to throw off the Police, he just disposed of in the way of putting your garbage out.  He did keep some parts as trophies.  He also took numerous polaroids of them trussed up and also after torture sessions, so he could relive the moments whilst masturbating.

    He befriended a man named Larry Pearson in 1987, and after some time, Pearson moved into Berdellas` home.  He drugged him, bound him with piano wire, got him down into his basement, and then proceeded to rape him, then torture him over a six week period.  It also involved using a transformer that could produce over 7,000 volts, and he subjected Pearson to numerous electrical shocks, lasting as long as thirty seconds!  After so long, he became sunserviant to Berdella, but was still kept in bondage.  One day, he finally snapped and tried to fight back, and he screamed at Berdella, who was angered by this, as Pearson was not allowed to say one word.  He bit his penis when Berdella demanded oral sex. He beat him unconscious, then placed a bag over his head, suffocating him.  He went to hospital for treatment to his penis.  He then used a chainsaw to dismember the body later.

    His downfall came via a man called Chris Bryson, his latest sex slave.  Whilst out, Bryson managed to get hold of matches and used them to burn through rope that bound him, then he jumped out of a window and ran naked, to a nearby house.  When Berdella returned, he was immediately arrested by the Police, which shocked him as he believed that his victims were people that would not be missed.  He actually believed he had done no wrong.  Sick bastard.