Monday, 10 June 2013

The Norma Levy Scandal

Way back in the seventies when the News of The World reigned supreme about who was screwing who and other sex scandals, some remain in the public consciousness. Joyce McKinney and the Manacled Mormon, is one in particular.  But the scandal that nearly rivalled that of the  Profumo Affair, was that of Lord Lambton, the then Under-Secretary of Defence, responsible for the RAF.

    The NOTW obtained a photo of Lambton in bed with a prostitute named Norma Levy, which caused the Security Services to question Lambton a number of times, fearing a possible repeat of the scandal ten years before, in 1963, when Minister For War, John Profumo was sharing the bed of prostitute Christine Keeler, who was also servicing at the same time, a Russian Naval Attache.  Lambton gave a number of different reasons as to why he consorted with prostitutes.  He was thought to have been a happily married father of six.  The resulting publicity brought his resignation and the end of his marriage.  During the investigation, it emerged that the Leader of The House of Lords, Lord Jellicoe, was also using prostitutes.  A third member of the Heath Government was allegedly a regular client, but has never been publicly named.

    Levy had married a taxi-driver called Colin Levy, and it was he who was supposed to have set up a camera and microphone, to record Lambton in bed with his wife.  The only logical reason for such actions would be blackmail, though this view, as far as I am aware, has never surfaced.  A grainy picture of Levy topless beside a sleeping Lambton, became iconic.  When the scandal broke, the Levys fled the country, and after divorcing, Norma herself has had drug problems, been convicted for running prostitutes and served time, been deported numerous times from the USA, and flits between the States and Canada.