Monday, 1 April 2013

The Murder of Sherri Dally

Sherri Dally had the misfortune to have married a man who was a womaniser and a manipulator.  Michael Dally had a number of affairs whilst married to Sherri, including using prostitutes.  He was also a cocaine addict, doing what ever he could to get money for the pusher.  He hooked up with a woman named Diana Haun, and it seemed that she was totally besotted with him. However, Sherri had had enough of Michael and his drug habit, and was threatening to sue for divorce.  Soon after, Sherri disappeared, and Michael Dally put on a display of being a very concerned spouse.

    Sherri`s vehicle was found in a superstore carpark.  The Ventura Police decided that it was an abduction.  Some of Sherri`s friends conducted wide sweeping searches of all surrounding areas.  A witness came forward with information about a woman sat in a car near Sherri`s.  What she found bizarre was the womans` appearance.  The mystery woman was wearing an obvious blonde wig, dark glasses, and thick make up.  The car had a piece of cardboard over the registration plate with numbers on.  Enquiries threw up the car which was hired, and the name of the hirer.  The Police arrested Diana Haun but had to release her through lack of evidence.  Michael Dally was questioned and released.  Police discovered blood in the hire car which had to be analysed.  An attempt had been made to clean out the blood.  The blood belonged to Sherri.  Haun was rearrested and charged, but Dally only remained a suspect. Sherri`s remains were found by her friends who were still assisting Police in the search.  She had been stabbed repeatedly and hit with an axe.  Haun was convicted and sentenced to life without parole.

    The Police did not give up on Michael Dally and finally had the evidence to arrest him and put him up in court.  Phone records showed that Haun was in constant contact with Dally, from the start to the end of the murder.  Tracing cell phone locations put Haun in the location of the carpark, murder scene and where she tried to clean the car of traces.  It seems that Haun posed as a cop, pretending to arrest Sherri, put her in the car and then drove her out of Ventura, and stabbed her as she was handcuffed.  Sherri was dragged out of the car, but she was not dead as she still fought Haun, putting a couple of deep scratches in her forehead.  This had been noted by Police during her first interview.  She then bludgeoned her with an axe.  Dally claimed that Haun did the murder as he did not realise "how jealous she could be"  Dally was convicted with life without parole.  Both still claim they are innocent.  Haun found out from a prostitute in jail that Dally had other women during their affair and felt betrayed.  It seems to be in doubt that Dally manipulated Haun into doing his dirty work.  Relentless Police work resolved this horrific case and due to their dedication the killers are well out of the way.