Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Bradford Batman

It seemed that Batman was alive and well.No, it was not in Gotham City but Bradford in West Yorkshire.  CCTV footage showed a tubby caped crusader handing in an apparently wanted man to Police in the early hours of the morning.  The footage was held onto for nearly two weeks when it was released, causing a worldwide reaction.  TV news stations around the world showed the remarkable scenes of Batman fighting crime. Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and even the mighty CNN in the United States.  So who was this mystery man donning a uniform and taking on the Underworld?

    The truth is somewhat of a disappointment.  Batman turned out to be a chinese takeaway delivery man, Stan Worby, from Wyke, Bradford.  The "Wanted Man" was a friend of his whom had an arrest warrant out for him.  Stan had bought the outfit to wear down in London where  Bradford City was playing in the final of the Capital One Cup.  His friend wanted to see the final before handing himself in to the authorities, and on the drive back to Bradford, he asked Stan to take him to the Police Station.  Stan complained that it was 1.30AM but his friend stated to take him there to get it over with.  When they walked into the station, as a joke, Stan said to the cop at the desk, "I`ve caught one for you.  He`s a wanted man" and then walked out.

   Soon people were telling him that he was world famous.  "What do you mean, famous?"  "Haven`t you seen the news?" they said.  "No" he replied.  "You taking that lad into the station" they said.  "Yeah, what about it?" Stan replied.  "It`s being shown all around the world!" they told him.  He told the whole story to the regional news programme.  A really good laugh whilst it lasted.