Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Murder of Gerry Tobin

The murder of Hells Angel Gerry Tobin, 35, was an act that put seven members of rival club TheOutlaws in prison for between twenty and thirty plus years.  The reason?  Simply because he was a full Hells Angel member.  He was shot riding his bike on the M40, after attending the Bulldog Bash, a huge biker weekend festival.  Tobin was shot simply because he was there, in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The target was any Hells Angel.  The hit team used three vehicles, firing two fatal shots.  The convicted were Sean Creighton, Dane Garside, Karl Garside, Simon Turner, Dean Taylor, Ian Cameron & Malcolm Bull.

    The convicted were members of the South Warwickshire chapter of The Outlaws.  A book was written about the ascent of The Outlaws in the UK by Tony Thompson, a crime reporter and author.  According to Thompsons` book, the Warwickshire Chapter split into North & South Chapters due to internal strife caused by Simon Turner.  It was suggested that Turner was pushing other members into doing acts and basically throwing his weight about.  Some agreed with him, others did not, hence the split.  According to Thompsons` book, Turner was constantly at others with remarks like "Do you want to be a Hells Angel?"  Judging by the alleged behaviour of Turner, it seems to me that he thought he could climb up the Outlaw hierarchy.  Maybe National or even European presidency.  Well, he has a long time to reflect on that.

    There has been media speculation that the order must have come from the USA, to carry out the hit.  I believe that they did not need an order to come from the States, as Hells Angels outside the States did their own thing.  Think about the most violent biker mob of them all, the Laval Chapter, which five were slaughtered and a couple others targeted, turned themselves into authorities, including psycho killer Yves Trudeau.  They were out of control so other Angel chapters in Canada decided to do some in-house cleaning.  Another big Canadian Angel, Mom Bouchier, did not need orders to do what he did.  And then what about the rubbing out of a Dutch Angel by his own comrades?  Did an order come from the States?  I think it is the same in The Outlaws & The Bandidos that operate outside the States.