Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How Dare You!

One thing that I have noticed in my researches into crime and that is the perceived notion that whatever somebody says or does, should never be questioned.  You should never doubt whatever you hear.  I came across an example here in the UK, that happened a couple of years ago.  A young man named Elliot Turner had grown up totally spoiled by his parents.  Whatever he wanted, he received without question.  Whatever wrong deed he carried out, his parents excused or said nothing.  He grew up believing that anything he did, it was right.  Nobody ever told him different, not even his friends.  He went into a fantasy world that he was a "gangster" and that his circle of friends, were his "Firm".

    But it was bound to happen.  Somebody had to come along and decide he was wrong.  That was a young lady that he became infatuated with, but after a time, she decided that she no longer wanted to be around him. She finished with him.  She DARED to leave HIM!!  His response was typical of spoilt bastards who cannot get their way all the time; he lashed out.  He murdered her!  He committed cold-blooded murder because she dared to dump him.  What made it worse, was that his parents helped cover up for him.  This unbelievable act, earned them both a spell in prison for perverting justice.  Plus, his mother did NOT give the slightest toss that he had murdered a girl for such a ridiculous reason.  Turner himself received a minimum sentence of 16 years.  What will it be like when he is released and somebody disagrees and stands up to him.  As he is obviously never wrong, it does not require ingenuity to think of the consequences.

    This perceived slight or malignment is simply the result of pathetic people who want to desperately hang on to the fantasies of bullshit merchants.  Why is telling the truth a huge crime?  These people also have a nasty habit of keeping their mouths firmly shut when it comes to proof.  They are literally screaming "I want the lies!  I want the bullshit!  I want to be taken for a silly cunt because the person telling the stories NEVER lies!"  I suppose if they said they walked on the moon, not Neil Armstrong, there are morons who will believe them.  Sad, isn`t it?