Monday, 29 April 2013

Murderous Double Acts PT2

This sick & twisted pair killed for the flimiest of reasons.  Alex Baranyi & David Andersen.  They slaughtered the Wilson Family in Washington State around 1997, the parents and their two daughters.  Why?  Because one of the Wilson girls believed that if Andersen wanted things like cigarettes, he should start buying his own.  This sparked a homicidal grudge in Andersen, who was an obvious relentless narcissist who thought that she should be privileged to be around such a person as himself.  He planned the murders for a year with his best friend Alex Baranyi.  The plan involved killing them all before they reached 18, as then, if caught, could not receive the Death Penalty.  Three of the family were attacked in their beds, bludgeoned and stabbed.  The other girl was lured to a park to meet Andersen, where she met her death at their hands.

    The Police investigation homed in on Baranyi, and forensic evidence was discovered linking him to the murders.  He described in graphic detail, and with great relish how the Wilson Family was slaughtered.  This truly appalled the investigators.  Through statements from other friends, Police arrested David Andersen, but did not have enough evidence to charge him.  His behaviour throughout was of arrogance, thinking the cops were never as clever as him.  Police later arrested Andersen again and forensic examinations finally linked him directly to the crimes.  Baranyi was convicted and received 770 years.  But the trial of Andersen was a deadlock and a retrial ordered.  This time he was convicted and received life.  He claims he is innocent.  Well, before the apologists start whingeing, he is a narcissist and a sociopath, he is not to blame.  Everybody is to blame.  Not him.  That`s because he is who he is, and the world should acknowledge it.  A family massacred simply because he was expected to buy his own cigarettes.  How dare somebody say that to him. 

    In an interview Baranyi admitted that he was thoroughly guilty, and having time to reflect, cannot understand why he did what he did, and apologising cannot bring his victims back.  I thought he was being open and honest in parts but not in others.  Footage of him during the trial and after his conviction, showing his amusement at everything, so no, I do not buy his remorse plea.