Monday, 22 April 2013

Criminal Millionaires

In a Dispatches Special on Channel Four, it was revealed that there are a known 178 criminal millionaires in the UK.  These people were not just drug barons, but money launderers, scammers and fraudsters.  They owe hundreds of millions to the Exchequer in money confiscation orders but ninety percent has not been paid and they are just getting away with it.  The appearance is that of ineffectual laws or the complete unwillingness to fully implement them.  They can come out of prison and start living a luxurious lifestyle, and apparently nobody can touch them.

    I say to this situation; What is the HMRC doing?  Nothing is the answer.  The way to hit criminals hard is in their pockets.  If people do not work, have loads of cash and pay for everything in cash, then why are they not being assessed by the taxman?  If plenty of money is being splashed about, then why is it not taxable income?  You will also find that many criminals, particularly low level ones, are receiving benefits.  Yet it is likes of these that get away with it.

    We have the Assets Recovery Agency that target both high and low level villains, but it is not enough to expect local Police Economic Crime Units to hit the local criminals.  Why does the HMRC set up local teams of investigators to target villains, check spending habits, and then hit them with assessments and money orders?  The professional apologists state the Police must prove that people who have lots of money, always pay in cash, particularly on cars, never work and draw benefits, are involved in crime.  The Taxman does not have to.  He can assess you and demand money, or issue confiscation of property orders.  This will never happen because if you go into your local HMRC office, you will probably find more security than staff.  It`s like that around here.  This will carry on whilst there is a total lack of courage to implement tough consequences of criminality.