Sunday, 21 April 2013

Charles kuhl - Double Murderer

Charles Kuhl.  Not a name that pops up in the annals of murder, but he was an extremely dangerous man who targeted young and impressionable and vulnerable women.  His childhood was blighted by his rejection by his mother, who left him with his father, and he had really no time for his son.  Kuhl Senior was a very harsh disciplinarian who many. many times, locked his son in closets as a punishment.  He grew up learning music and becoming a piano teacher and vocal coach.  He also married.

    Kuhls` behaviour took a drastic turn in 1966, when a music student, Suzanne Reynolds, turned up at his New York flat for a vocal lesson.  A notice was on the door, asking her to go in and he would be back shortly.  But when she had waited for a couple of minutes, he suddenly walked through the flat, naked, startling Suzanne.  He claimed that he thought she was not coming and was going to take a shower.  He then started coming on to her but she rejected him and tried to leave the flat.  This enraged him and he strangled her, then mutilated her body.  He was arrested and extensively questioned in which he admitted his guilt.  However, the Police had not followed procedure properly and rather than have the case thrown out on a technicality, he was offered a plea deal, in which he went inside for seven years for manslaughter.  He was a model prisoner and psychiatrists were convinced that he was no danger to anybody.  He served five years, four months.

    Back on the streets, he set up elaborate cons on unsuspecting young aspiring actresses, pretending that he was casting for a film.  He selected the ones he wished to lure into his flat.  One called for a music session, and again, he pulled the naked scam.  This woman used her instincts and when he asked if she thought he was attractive, she played along but said she had a boyfriend, and asked to go ahead with the lesson.  Kuhl cooled down and she left alive because she said that she thought logically rather than verbally attack him and anger him.

     But another woman Karin Seagler was not so lucky.  Again, the naked entrance was used but she wanted to leave and Kuhl strangled her.  Unfortunately for him, his wife called to say she would be home shortly, so he dragged the body of karin ino his bedroom and hid it under the bed, where he and his wife slept that night.  Next morning, after she went to work, he dragged the body up to the roof and left it there.  The body was discovered.  When news spread, his probation officer noticed the newspaper report and phoned the Police, telling them that released killer Charles Kuhl lived in that building.  Kuhl was arrested and confessed. He was jailed for life in 1974, but in 1982, he hanged himself in prison.  To the families of his victims, it was good riddance.

    It was said that the reasons for Kuls` behaviour was because of his mother rejecting him, and when women rejected him, it awoken the anger in him of his mothers` rejection of him, and he wanted to kill.  In short, when he was killing Suzanne and Karin, he was killing his mother.  I cannot subscribe to that, as he went to elaborate lengths to ensnare young women.  His traps were well set out.  It was not a man out of control.  He was fully in control.  My belief is that he wanted women to like him and find him sexually attractive, but if they rejected him, it was a massive blow to his self-esteem.  They had to die.  Whilst in prison, he was remarkably well behaved.  Thankfully, he is no longer around.

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