Monday, 29 April 2013

Murderous Double Acts

Expanding on the theme of couples that kill, here I present the case of James Marlow & Cynthia Coffman.  This twisted pair kidnapped, raped and murdered two young women, who simply were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Coffman was the girlfriend of a cellmate of Marlows` whilst he was incarcerated at one time.  The tales about Coffman and her sexual antics intrigued Marlow whom, hen released went straight to see her.  The attraction was two way and a bond of pure evil was formed.

    Marlow was born in 1956 to a prostitute and drug addict mother and absent father.  Shuttled between both parents, he never had a stable life, though he was very close to his mother.  Too close in fact.  She began a sexual relationship with her own young son and started injecting him with drugs.  When finally arrested and convicted, he thought this was natural and common behaviour between parents and children.  Coffman was born in 1962, to a father who did not want her, and an indifferent mother.  Her mother remarried and her stepfather was a harsh disciplinarian.  She ran away from home.

    When she hooked up with Marlow, he was an addict and a threatening control freak.  She was the dominant one in the sexual side.  They carried out numerous robberies to fund their drug habits.  They abducted a woman, Corina Norvis, and took her to a friends home.  He was apparently afraid of Marlow, so said nothing about the woman they held captive.  Her disappearance sparked a Police hunt, but no trace of her was found.  They then robbed a store and abducted the woman working there, Lynel Murray.  She was reported missing and a hunt started.  Through tracking her credit card usage, the Police found them, but after the discovery of the body of Miss Murray.  She had been raped, strangled, tied up and placed in a bath of water.  Eventually, a trail of evidence made Coffman crack and confess, but claimed she did whatever Marlow told her.  Marlow then confessed saying that Coffman was the driving force.  He showed them where the body of Miss Norvis was.  Buried in a vineyard.  Autopsy showed she had been sodomised and strangled.

    The first trial saw them both receive the Death Penalty.  In the second murder trial, he received another Death Penalty, she, life without parole.  Examinations of the pair brought a conclusion that she was probably the brains of the two and received pleasure from the rape and torture of the two victims.  Like Karla Homolka, Myra Hindley, Cindy Hendy, a very small percentage of truly sick women who derive sexual satisfaction from sadistic harm to others, particularly women and girls.