Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ramraiding - What NOT to Do

This tale goes back around fourteen years or so, when I worked in a large and very busy accident repair centre.  I was asked to clean up a Saab 900 that had qiute a bit of front end damage.  The depot manager at the time, asked me to pop into his office after I had finished cleaning it, doing my usual check list and parking it up.  I knocked and walked into his office.  "The Saab is done now, boss.  What it is it you want?"
"Do you know anything about how that car was damaged?"
"No, boss.  How?" I asked.  The following story sums up just how thick some people can be. 

    "These lads stole it and used it in a ramraid but it was what they did after they smashed into a store.  They were all wearing balaclavas and one took photos of the others, and was going to send them into prison where the local Mr Big was, whose area the raid they were doing, was in.  They took the film to a Max Spielmans` store where the staff informed the Police and they waited until they came in for the pictures and nicked them all!"  This happened somewhere in Liverpool.

    There was a couple of numbskulls from Ellesmere Port who thinking they were the Wirrals` answer to the Krays, tried a ramraid and got stuck, and they could not get out of the car.  The Police thought it was hilarious.  They then tried to claim that the Police had fitted them up!  The whole raid had been set up and they had been forcibly put in the car by the cops and then nicked. Not even their heroes would have been so stupid as to claim that.  Or would they?

    On a separate note, I would really appreciate it if any of you people around the globe could sign in as a follower.  Maybe we could exchange information on crime and criminals.  Just a thought.