Monday, 8 April 2013

Dena Thompson - The Black Widow

The phrase "Black Widow" has been applied to a number of women but in this country, few seem to have been more deserving of the title than Dena Thompson.  Three times married, though the second was bigamously, she used her charms and the ultimate weapon with many men, sex, to get her way.  The agenda she had was to get as much money from her spouses and lovers as possible.  There was nothing she would not do to achieve her purpose.

    Her first marriage was to a man named Lee Wyatt, and he was to find out how devious his wife was.  He was persuaded that a cartoon character they had created had been snapped up by Disney, but it also brought attention from persons wanting a slice of the action; the Mafia!  He convinced her husband that to save themselves they had to separate and be on the move to avoid the mob assassins.  You would think, "How the hell does somebody swallow all this crap?"  Yet she managed to convince him and off he went, moving around to foil the hitmen.  Dena swindled the building society she worked at, out of £26,000, and even incredibly, persuaded him to write letters to the Police saying it was all him.  She had him framing himself!!  So whilst her husband was living rough, doing what ever he could to get a roof over his head, doing odd jobs for cash, he kept sending money to her to make sure she was okay.

    Meanwhile, she had started courting a man named Julian Webb and then married him.  Plans were afoot for a move to the States, and as usual she was milking her husbands`bank account.  But tragedy was to strike as Julian fell ill.  His mother wanted to see him but Dena kept telling her that Julian did not wish to see her.  He died.  She put it down to suicide, saying that he was extremely depressed.  His mother and friends did not believe it, but could not prove anything.  Dena turned up at his place of employment demanding to know what death benefits she was entitled to and when she would receive them.  She had Julian buried very quickly and no autopsy was carried out.

    She then married a man named Richard, persuaded him to prepare for a move to the States, and indeed he went out there and gained qualifications for the venture they were planning.  But she reverted to type and persuaded him to participate in a bondage session, in which she attacked him with a knife and baseball bat.  Pressing charges against her, incredibly she convinced a jury that SHE was the victim and was cleared.  However, Police did much delving into her background and discovered many scams and lies that she had perpetrated.  A £300,000 lottery win, stricken with terminal cancer, putting her husbands` house up for sale without his knowledge, draining bank accounts.  A number of lovers were also discovered who had been conned out of money.  One was a convicted sex offender!

    Police had Julian Webbs` body exhumed for autopsy as they had found out that Dena had made him a very hot curry, and this would have helped hide any strange tastes.  He had been poisoned.  Dena was put on trial for murder and convicted.  Sentenced to life imprisonment, the Judge said that she was a danger to all men.  She maintains her innocence though there are plenty of victims who know otherwise.