Monday, 22 April 2013

James Daveggio & Michelle Michaud

This killer couple are paying the ultimate price for their rampage of kidnap, rape and murder;  they are both residing on Death Row.  It began in the nineties, with allegedly sexually assaulting some of their own children.  They then graduated to kidnapping and raping young women.  This brought in the FBI and the local Police, with the fugitives travelling between Sacramento, Reno, Pleasanton and Lake Tahoe.

    It was in Pleasanton that they chanced upon a young woman walking in the street, 22 year old Vanessa Samson.  She was abducted and driven away in a van with hooks and ropes attached inside, to restrain victims.  Miss Sansom was repeatedly assaulted by the couple.  They stopped to get fuel and food.  Here was a chance to release her but Michaud did not, showing how deeply involved in their actions she was.  They stopped at a motel and carried on their assaults on the victim.  But the FBI were closing in on them, and arrested Daveggio in a local casino, then arresting Michaud in their room.  There was no sign of Miss Sansom.

    Within days, a lorry driver chanced upon the body of Vanessa Sansom, thrown down an incline from a road.  She had been strangled.  Whilst in jail, Michaud offered to testify against Daveggio in a plea deal, but that was in one county, and they were wanted in others.  After one trial, they want on trial together in another juristiction, for the murder of Vanessa Sansom, and were both sentenced to death.  Seeing pictures of Michaud depict her as a hard faced bitch, and like other killer couples such as Brady & Hindley & Bernardo & Homolka, she seems to be as guilty as Daveggio.  In their cases, the women are as bad as or even worse than the men.