Monday, 29 April 2013

Fred & Rose West

This post is not an in-depth look at the case but a reaction to a three part documentary on the murderous twosome.  One suggestion was that Rose West was manipulated by Fred.  To me, this is total bollocks.  Fred had a thing for filming her when she was servicing other men in their home, and she certainly looked like she was enjoying herself.  There was forensic evidence that one of the victims was murdered at a time when Fred was serving a prison sentence!  Then you wonder just who committed the murder, don`t you?  It also raises the question on who helped her with the burial?  One of her boyfriends perhaps?

    There was one very disturbing accusation that the house was a brothel that was frequented by Police Officers.  An enquiry concluded that no Police went there for sexual services from Rose, and that surviving victim Sharon Compton was never at the house and therefore suffered no violent and sexual assaults.  Really?   A witness who gave much compelling evidence at a house that apparently she never entered?   Stop for one minute and think about this;  Fred was a one time Police informer who was setting up lodgers at his home for drug arrests by Police.  As Fred was helping raise their drug convictions, it is logical that they would deny using the brothel, having sex with Rose.  After all, British Police Officers do not do that sort of thing.  It would be a heavy blow to the integrity of a force to have it confirmed that coppers were screwing a female serial killer, and indulging in whatever sexual practices they took a fancy to.

     A couple of people escaped their murder spree; Sharon Compton and also Caroline Roberts.  Their evidence was crucial to the conviction of Rose, but if Rose was a "victim" as some suggest, these witnesses certainly did not think so.  They made it clear that she was as guilty as him.  But how many bodies courtesy of this sick, twisted duo, are still out there?  Fred had spoken of at least twenty.  You have to think how many victims it took for them to hone their killing skill.  You do not start off as an organised killer, it takes "practice".  She should be constantly pressured to reveal all and give all their victims a proper burial.