Sunday, 14 April 2013

Brian Blackwell - Parent Killer

Brian Blackwell was called"The Perfect Son".  Events later on as he left school blew this theory totally out of the water.  Blackwell lived in a suburb of Liverpool that was regarded as affluent, Melling.  His parents obviously doted on him, and indulged him completely.  He had finished his exams at school, but he then brutally murdered both of his parents and then set off on a jet set-style holiday.  He had developed a fantasy world that he was a world class tennis player, and went to lengths to fraudulently place his name on tennis rankings.  He was using his parents credit cards to spend extravagantly, in order to impress his girlfriend.

   True to form, he was rumbled, and in a fit of rage, he battered his father with a hammer.  His mother entered the room, he said carrying a knife.  She was then cold-bloodedly butchered.  Blackwell cleaned himseld up, packed his bags with clothes and started arranging a holiday with his girlfriend, to the USA and other places.  No expense was spared.  Because he was using his now dead parents credit cards again.  He even went through a charade of pretending to call his parents and chatting to them.  When he returned to the UK, he explained their absence as they had taken a lengthy holiday to Spain.  Soon, a neighbour noticed the windows thick with flies, and contacted the Police.

    Searches were conducted of his girlfriends` home and a bag was found, containing keys for the Blackwell home.  He claimed to neighbours he had no keys to get in.  It emerged that Blackwell had been in and out of the house numerous times before he left the country.  He left the bodies of his parents where he had killed them.  He was totally oblivious to the carnage he had caused.  Charged with two murders, the prosecution accepted a guilty plea of manslaughter due to diminished responsibility.  This ensured that he may serve as little as six years, if he was to convince a parole board he was no longer a danger to anybody.  He was diagnosed with Narcisstic Personality Disorder.  Personally, I think he is a Sociopath.  He wanted to live his fantasy life and his parents were not going to stand in his way.  He was carrying on around their bodies as if nothing happened, the pretend phone calls to them in order to keep his lover in ignorance, and going all over the States without any sign of stress from his actions.  Okay, I am no psychiatrist, but actions speak louder than words.  And when he walks free, and somebody tries to keep him in check, no doubt there will be a repeat performance.