Saturday, 20 April 2013

Films Can Make You Kill!

It is comforting to know that films can make you kill.  Murder stops being a rational, thought out judgement when you watch certain films.  The latest being James Holmes, shooting many people at a cinema, dressed as Heath Ledgers` version of the Joker.  Of course films are to blame!  It was not the actions of a sad pathetic bastard looking to achieve fame or notoriety, anyway he can.  Of course it has nothing to do with todays society being obsessed with "celebrity".

    We had it the early seventies with "A Clockwork Orange".  Director Stanley Kubrick with drew it in BRITAIN due to alleged copycat attacks on people.  For years, people who had seen it, said it was not as bad as it was made out to be.  People were judging it on hysterical diatribes from people like Mary Whitehouse.  When Kubrick died, it became instantly available on video and dvd, shown on television, and we have not seen rampaging hordes wearing bowler hats.

    The next big bogey film was "The Warriors" about gang warfare in New York.  You watch the "Extreme Violence" in it and wonder how street youths are suddenly using fists and sticks like top flight martial artists.  It is a bit deflating to hear that many of the lads in fight scenes were in fact dancers.  Just like David Carradine as Caine in "Kung Fu".  He had training as a dancer which helped in the fight scenes.

    One film that became the dagger in the eye to the Daily Mirror was Child`s Play 3.  Supposedly drove Venables & Thompson to murder a toddler.  That was just one of dozens of videos they had in their homes, but something had to be blamed.  Their evil behaviour before and during the murder was not the products of warped youngsters.  A person was tortured and murdered by a gang in Stockport, and they made the victim hear a phrase from Chucky repeatedly.  "Murdered by Chucky`s Children" screamed the Daily Mirror, ignoring the fact that these people were obviously involved in drugs.  A man I worked with was from Stockport and he said the word was they were a small drugs gang.  These people do resort to extreme sadism because they obviously need to spread fear on the streets as a warning "not to cross us".  It has nothing to do with a fictional puppet.  Judging by that headline, there should have been rampaging thugs everywhere, all inexplicably having their mind altered by something they watched on TV.  Yeah, right.