Saturday, 27 April 2013

Michael Chitwood - Supercop

It is good to know that there are dedicated cops who are prepared to go out and protect the public.  Mike Chitwell is most certainly one of them.  The difference with this Police Chief is that he leads from the front and by example.  After seventeen years with the Philadelphia force, he is offered the post of the new Chief of Police of the town of Shawnee in Oklahoma.  This he accepts and lets his new subordinates know that they are in for a fast ride.  Some complacent officers were suddenly tackling offenders alongside the new Chief.  He did not expect his officers to anything that he would not do himself.

    Over his one year leadership, his men learned to be more proactive, and indeed some men made small arrests that led to bigger arrests.  He also made himself available and approachable to the public.  He realised that good public relations was essential to him achieving his aim; a significant drop in the crime figures.  Over that one year, he achieved it.  He even introduced an awards ceremony for the best officers, ensuring good morale in his force.

    After one year, he decided to move on and accept a new post and challenge.  He left Shawnee with a more efficient and successful force, all due to his radical and challenging strategy.  He became Chief of Police for the city of Daytona Beach.  There are more chiefs like Mike Chitwell needed to fight crime, and men who lead from the front achieve results.