Friday, 8 March 2013

Truth Hurts PT2

The next instalment of Truth Hurts involves a man from West Yorkshire.  He has been described as "Alright" , "A big bully" and as a man who has "Caved a few skulls in!" This is  none other than Paul Sykes, from Wakefield.  There was a national documentary shown in 1991 about Sykes, about him in prison, with his family at home and his parents.  He had also had a book about a period of his life written entitled "Sweet Agony", about emerging from Durham Prison and wanting to resume a boxing career.

    Sykes has been well known as a thug in West Yorkshire, Blackpool and parts of Liverpool, but as ever, there are people who ignore the Neanderthal traits in his character, and see him as some kind of hero.  He was also a known prison rapist, targeting young men.  I heard one tale of how he punched a young lad from Bradford, who was walking past his cell, knocking him unconscious, dragging him into his cell and shutting the door......

     I don`t know about you but I believe for a man to rape another man, you have to have some kind of homosexual tendencies.  I do not believe it is the argument of having power over the victim, it is about sex.  Simple as.

    Reading Sykes` book, he seems to think that he could go all the way to a world title shot, which is clownish considering he had never fought anybody substantial.  Of course there are no instances of his thuggish behaviour, and he ended up getting a fight with John. L. Gardner.  You can see the fight on YouTube.  Gardner boxed his head off, and right into the sixth round, Gardner tore straight into Sykes, bouncing numerous punches off his head.  Sykes turned away, so the fight was stopped.  In his book, Sykes claimed the promoter he had, had him given an injection before the fight and it made him sluggish.  His plan was for Gardner to punch himself out, and then he would have him.  Right.  He had one more fight after this, getting sparked in the first round by a nondescript African heavyweight.

    When I lived in Pontefract, I was at Job Club with a guy called John, who told me that he had lived in Lupset in Wakefield.  When I asked if that was where Sykes lived, he cringed at the mention of his name.  "He caved some skulls in" was all he would say.  Sykes has since died, and apparently both his sons are in jail for murder!  As for his prison rapes, on one forum, some morons think it is quite funny!!  Sykes was your typical "Right Man", no matter what, he is right, because he says so!  Sykes is so typical of men like McLean , Eddie Palmer.  Every city and big town has it`s own violent bully.  Speaking of McLean, he claimed that he was to have a fight with Sykes but it was pulled after Sykes had some injuries after a fight with four doormen.  If Sykes was as great as he seemed to think he was, he should have had no problems with McLean in the ring.  McLean only ever fought one top fighter, and that was Johnny Waldron who knocked him out twice in the first round.