Wednesday, 13 March 2013

British Cold Cases

Here in Britain, we are getting small cold case squads but one man  who is doing his bit is Prof. David wilson, a criminologist at Birmingham University and author of fifteen plus books.  His area of investigation is possible murders by serial killers that are unsolved.  One man in the frame for two child murders is notorious child abductor and killer,Robert Black.  One abduction the students all agreed that fitted Black perfectly, was Genette Tate in 1978.  She was snatched from her bike in a country lane in the south west of England.  Prof. Wilson had proof that Black was delivering in the nearby area at the time, and the opportunist methods he used in his known abductions, makes him the prime suspect for this case. Genette has never been found.

    Another abduction that Prof. Wilson puts Black in the frame for, was the 1969 disappearance of April Fabb.  However, the Police could not place Black in the area at the time.  The snatch had the hallmarks of Blacks` later crimes, and so he should be looked at very carefully.  Black was a delivery driver and so over time developed a knowledge of Britain's roads, as Black travelled all over the country.  He did not acquire a driving licence until 1976, that would never have stopped him driving for a living.  He would have spent a good number of years, working for cash in hand, until he would have had to get a licence.  Until then, he would have been improving his knowledge of different areas.  Until you can prove that Black was NEVER in Norfolk at the time of April`s disappearance, Black has to remain a suspect.  That is common sense.  To say otherwise is typical Police tunnel vision.  I expressed this opinion Prof. Wilson in an email, and he responded that unfortunately, this is a culture within the Police.

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