Friday, 22 March 2013

Michael Lupo - Serial Killer

Michael Lupo was an unusual serial murderer, in that he was gay, and targeted other gays.  We did have another serial murderer of gays, Colin Ireland, but he was not gay.  Michael Lupo was born in 1953 and from Italy, and had travelled around the world but settled in London.   In 1986, two men were found murdered, strangled and eventually Police enquiries led to the arrest of Lupo.  He was further charged with the murders of two other gay men, and the attempted murder of two others.  Lupo pleaded guilty to the four murders and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

    As Lupo travelled around the globe, enquiries were made as to any similar murders in the cities he visited.  Lupo died in prison in February 1995 from an aids related illness.  Details of Lupo`s sex life emerged and it transpired that he was into sado-masochistic sex.  In trying to trace the killer, the Police watched the Al Pacino film "Cruising" in order to spot traits that could point to the killer.  Lupo had claimed to have had more than three thousand male lovers and he contracted the aids virus.  He said that this news set him off on his killing spree.