Thursday, 14 March 2013

B.T.K. Killer

The arrest of Dennis Rader brought a huge sense of relief to the people of Wichita in Kansas, and stopped the murder rampage of one of the sickest killers in American history.  Despite all the meticulous planning of the murders by Rader, it was his own arrogance that led to his downfall.  His obsession with publicity, plus the obvious lack of knowledge and just what is recorded on a computer, showed that Rader was not as clever as he thought that he was.

    I also believe that if you look at the time lapse between victims and the years between his last victims and his arrest, it destroys the long held theory that serial killers have a cooling off period.  My belief is that they do not have the urge to kill but a desire to kill.  Sutcliffe attacked a woman in Halifax by telling his friend he wanted to stop for a piss.  Was he driven by rage?  Bollocks!  He simply saw an opportunity, and returned to the car as if nothing happened.  Rader stalked, watched and studied his victims.  He was planning his murders meticulously.  A man driven by rage could not wait and plan so carefully, he would want to get at the victim as soon as he could.

    His crimes were clearly sexual, as he admitted in court, but how can somebody hang a young girl and wank himself off as the girl dies.  Rader, during his scout leader days, took pictures of himself in various kinds of bondage and outfits which is so bizarre but obviously Rader gave himself sexual gratification.  however, during his long period of non-murder, his job as a compliance officer gave him the power over the local residents.  The power would be his aphrodisiac.

    His downfall came through his arrogance that he was too clever for the Police.  He sent them a computer disc, and from that the Police got all they needed.  The man was a leading figure in his local church.  Naturally, his sick actions did not get in the way of praying to God, and blatantly ignoring one of the Ten Commandments, THOU SHALT NOT KILL.