Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Policing - The Other Side Of The Fence

Some decades back, you would never have read a book showing the Police to be lazy or violent, yet this is a trait that has been inherent since the force was first formed.  A nice read is a book entitled "The Cobbled Beat" about a rookie uniform cop in some slum areas of Manchester in the late 1940`s.  Stories include cops doing anything not to be bothered with doing their job, and how some just used their uniform to piss it up every day.  Now we must remember that Police Officers have never behaved like this!  In England that is!

    Truth is very upsetting, particularly when it destroys an image or myth, but everybody will have come across stories of Police indifference.  How about a thug in uniform in Blackpool in the early 60`s.  He used to piss it up in a brewery when he was on duty and felt like tanking himself up.  Free of charge, of course!  If anybody complained he used threats against staff and promised plenty of trouble from his colleagues.  Anti-Semitism was evident in that force in the 60`s as an officer complained to a young uniform that his girlfriend was Jewish.  The lad replied that he knew and in fact he was half Jewish himself.  The officer replied that if that had been known at the time, he would never had been accepted into the force.

    How about a force that will go top any lengths to protect a thug, because he is an informer.  One day, he laid into a man with a baseball bat, leaving him a mess.  The Police refused to arrest him for three days, then put on a sham of arresting him.  Yet, mysteriously, the victim declined to press charges, which should have been attempted murder, but it makes you wonder what was said to the victim to get him to look the other way.  This same force turned a blind eye to an adult having a sexual relationship with a girl from the age of TWELVE!

   I put in an earlier post of how an old age pensioner was arrested by the heroes in uniform, for being a victim and how they took cowardice to new depths by deliberately turning a blind eye to the perpetrator, and literally handing a licence to this perpetrator and others, to do to the victim whatever they chose.  They told the old man if he does not want any trouble, to pack his bags and leave town!  What about the woman whose home was raided by 17 officers, over some driving documents?  Of course this would never happen in the old Dixon of Dock Green world of alleged Policing.  Would it?

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